Friday, February 24, 2017

Blog 4

The Warriors Heart

"You know the statistics: Maybe one in ten will make it through this week, will survive hours- days - of the punishment required to be a Navy SEAL." Pg 1

I choose this passage because the it says how the training is in to be a navy seal. It shows how strong you are to take the punishment. It also says that only the strong ones will make it because of all of the  punishment and it last for a week. Also one in ten people will make it into the navy seals because they can't take the training. This is a good passage because it involves that how hard it is to be a seal and involves of the fraction of how many people will make it which 1/10.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Blog 3

Why did Shane quit baseball?
I wonder why did Shane's dad commit suicide?
I still wonder why Shane doesn't feel anything for when he hit Reese in the head with the baseball?
I wonder why did the author choose to write books off of sports instead of books like the outsiders?
How come when Shane knows he is being watched for a scholarship to college he screwed up on pitching but when he is not being watched he is all good?