Monday, November 21, 2016


What have I learned about mutations?
I have learned that some mutations are nutritional and some are harmful.
What is the most interesting mutation you've learned about so far? Why?
The most interesting mutation I've learned about so far is malaria because it is caused by misquotes.
What mutation would you like to learn more about? Why?
Malaria because how dose misquotes get the disease and why dose it affect other people.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

About me and 8th grade

Hello I'm Ramon Perez,

I'm the biggest Chicago Cubs fan in freedom middle school I'm am also a 8th grader. I am a baseball player for the reck and I play the outfield. I am not that smart in school. Okay okay that is enough about me and I want to talk about eight grade. Okay Eight grade the end of my middle school life. Well this year is fun because I can just look down at the 6 and 7th graders and I feel like a giant. Also the Cubs are in the World Series I've waited 13 years for this moment so this year is awesome. I love my friends and school. This year is the year everyone changes my childhood is almost to the end. I can't wait till high school. Okay time to talk about my favorite subject science. I think I'm doing good in biology. I really don't know I need to check my grades.