Friday, April 22, 2016

42 reflection

We read and watched the movie about Jakie Robbinson. Jakie had to pass a lot of obstacles like injurys and etc. While Jakie was playing baseball other teams and some of his teammates were mean to him. Like the coach for the other team started to call him the n word. It's not just that some referees  did not let him play and call bad calls. One of he refs said hey n**** only whites can play baseball. When Jakie was on the field he got hit by some people's spikes. So it was hard for Jakie to be a baseball player. Fans used to yell at him like hey n**** n**** and some used to send threats to him because the did not want a black man to play baseball. Jakie had a lot of fight for black people to join the major leagues instead of staying in the negro league. So Jakie helped a lot of people and achieved his dreams and conquered racism for Major League Baseball and the world.

Monday, April 18, 2016

When is there dignity in silence

If a friend yells at me because I called a play against them I would yell a them back because it was a thing they did not do right. If a referee makes a unfair call I would say that the ref needs to know how to play the game. A sibling calls me names and I get angry I will tell them to shut up or leave. A principal calls me down for something that I didn't do. I would get really mad because I did not do it and say you got the wrong guy.