Thursday, February 18, 2016

Blog 2 Prespective

It was another day in district twelve. I was making bread and my mother saw someone looking in the trash for food. Mother got mad and got her away from the trash cans. The bread I was making fell in the fire and was burnt. My mother yelled at and hit me twice I got a Bruce and cut. My mom told me to give it to the pig. I went out to give it to the pig but I saw someone sitting under the tree and I felt bad for her and I gave it her instead. Tomorrow is a ceremony were they will choose tributes to the hunger games. Today is time for the ceremony and a weird looking woman with pink hair walks up to stage. She pulls a name from a glass bowl and she reads prim. Then another girl yells out I volunteer. I felt like she was crazy like who would volunteer for the hunger games? Then they choose a boy and they called peeta. I was in shocked I didn't know that they will call me. I went up on stage for the games. The weird lady told us to say bye to our family. I told my mom and dad good bye. People took me into a train to take us to capital city.

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