Monday, February 29, 2016

Chapter 15-16 reflect


The two chapters made me feel surprised that the careers backstabed there own teammate. Like in my head I told myself what just happened. Chapters 15 and 16 got me a little shocked. Like when the careers said that Peeta was not in the group. It also shocked me because the leader hit cut Peeta. I think this happened because Peeta let Katniss go. But Peeta is lucky to still be alive from being stabbed. Right now the hunger games are making me tell myself what just happened. Like there are some weird allies. Like Katniss and rue. Right now I'm telling myself why do they want to be allies. If I was in the hunger games I would not trust anyone. Like if I trust someone 10 seconds later I will be backstabed. 

Friday, February 26, 2016

Blog 6:setting

The setting is important to the story because how is it supposed to take place. Like if it was underwater it won't make since why do they need weapons. They also will die from not breathing and  hunger. Also if they had it in the desert were would they hide and they will die from the animals. So it is important for the place because it will be hard to hide.

It would be way different if it was somewhere else. Like if it was in Chicago it would look way different. Like district 12 would be like Cicero. But the whole thing would change. It would change by the main character being a city person. It would be weird.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Blog 5

Dear President Snow
February 24 2016

As I'm sitting here in my little dark house. I'm writing to you with a peace of coal. I don't like the hunger games with the blood and gore everywhere. It's nasty I feel like you should take down the hunger games. Like every year the population goes down because of deaths. We're starving here in district12. We only got coal mines. I feel like every district should be the same.

Sincerely Ramon R Perez

Monday, February 22, 2016

Blog 4 Katniss and me

I'm impressed about what Katniss dose shooting at the game makers only people with the guts can do that. 101-102

 I think that she actually is a cool person because she can shot from far range 101

Person Vs person because she is in a rivalry with Peeta 130

I would not have done anything different with the book it's a good book

Friday, February 19, 2016

Blog 3 fashion

Outfits we were says stuff like if I were suits people would think I'm fancy. So it represents your personality. The he clothes we were tell people how they think because like a nice shirt. People think your an ok person. clothes have power in people's minds by the fashion. Like if there dressed nice people think there popular. Our motivations is to were uniform. So like if someone was wearing gang related items. We tell ourselves what clothes mean. Like we tell ourselves what to wear  

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Blog 2 Prespective

It was another day in district twelve. I was making bread and my mother saw someone looking in the trash for food. Mother got mad and got her away from the trash cans. The bread I was making fell in the fire and was burnt. My mother yelled at and hit me twice I got a Bruce and cut. My mom told me to give it to the pig. I went out to give it to the pig but I saw someone sitting under the tree and I felt bad for her and I gave it her instead. Tomorrow is a ceremony were they will choose tributes to the hunger games. Today is time for the ceremony and a weird looking woman with pink hair walks up to stage. She pulls a name from a glass bowl and she reads prim. Then another girl yells out I volunteer. I felt like she was crazy like who would volunteer for the hunger games? Then they choose a boy and they called peeta. I was in shocked I didn't know that they will call me. I went up on stage for the games. The weird lady told us to say bye to our family. I told my mom and dad good bye. People took me into a train to take us to capital city.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Blog one hunger games intro

So far I like the Hunger Games. It is turning out to be a good book. There is some action. But I feel bad for district 12 being the poor district. In district 12 the men have to work in a coal mine. But I fell like that Katniss is the hero because she is taking her sisters spot.